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Chemistry Free Research Papers

4 Ways These Fabulous Apps Can Accelerate Your Chemistry Research

What would be the most convenient way to keep up-to-date with latest research when you cannot sit down at your desk all the time to browse one site to another? Wouldn’t it be cool to continue reading the topic you are reading regardless of where you are? Here are 4 ways how mobile apps for […]

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Image :  Josh Pesavento / Flickr

Effects of Inbreeding on Children in India

Can children of inbred families have significant differences from those of non-inbred families? Researchers explored how body mass index (BMI) was linked to endogamy. Parental consanguinity and degree of inbreeding are most important factors of depression in height, weight and BMI among children. 1,270 children were randomly selected to participate in the study where their […]

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India Engineers' Day 2014

India Engineers’ Day : Great Articles to Celebrate

Today is India Engineers’ Day in celebration of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya KCIE, a notable Indian engineer who was born on 15 September 1860. As the theme for this year is “Making Indian Engineering World-Class”, we are glad to share these great articles about engineering in India. The best part is all articles are accessible free […]

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international literacy day free research paper

Insightful Articles to Celebrate International Literacy Day

As 8th September was International Literacy Day, we celebrated it by sharing great articles under the topic of literacy.  Below are some of the highlighted ones from the list. You may browse the complete list here as all articles are accessible free until 1st October.       From TESOL Quarterly: Reconsidering Compulsory English in […]

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urology china free research paper

Virtual Issue for Urology : Best of China 2014

Recent years have witnessed the boom of Chinese urology. An increasing amount of high-quality research is carried out in China, which is reflected in increasing numbers of articles being accepted by prestigious journals like BJUI. As the president of the Chinese Urological Association, I believe that it is necessary to select provocative articles – focusing […]

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