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Medical Mobile Apps

Infographic : Smartphones Apps to Support Prescribing

Are you a doctor? Have you ever prescribed any medication with some mistakes? How about seeking help from innovative mobile apps that could help you achieve your daily tasks without stressing yourself out? Junior doctors, who accidentally makes error while prescribing, tend to use more medical mobile apps. Those medical mobile apps help doctors not […]

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Cryptic colouration plant camouflage

Going Grey: Chinese Plants Evolve Alpine Camouflage to Avoid Attack

Many animal species have evolved sophisticated camouflage to avoid predators, yet research in New Phytologist has found that in the plant world a Chinese species of herb uses its grey leaves to blend into its mountainside surroundings. As a defense strategy camouflage can be costly for plants. Flowers which rely on attracting insects for pollination […]

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air quality in pakistan

Air Quality in Pakistan : Just What You Need to Know

With more than 180 million people in the country and industrialization, Pakistan is facing some risks of air pollution. Various vehicles, power plants and industrial activities contribute to poor ambient air quality in South Asia Nation. Researchers measured and analysed air pollution in Pakistan by monitoring hourly air quality from 2007 to 2011. While carbon […]

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nanofiltration clean water

Will Nanofiltration Bring Practical Clean Water?

Do you know that there are millions of people around the world that lack access to safe and clean water for daily consumption? As a result, waterborne illnesses claim the lives of many children and adults in the world, especially in developing nations. This water crisis has led to many scientists and researchers finding ways […]

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