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Most Common Resume Lies

Most Common Resume Lies Embellished skill set 57% Embellished responsibilities 55% Dates of employment 42% Job title 34% Academic degrees 33% Companies worked for 26% Accolades/awards 18% CareerBuilder’s survey asked employers to describe the most memorable lies they had spotted on resumes. Some are stunning in their audacity, and others are so lame it is […]

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Limited Awareness of Fertility Preservation Options for Young Cancer Patients

A new study points to the need for increased awareness of fertility preservation options for young patients with cancer. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study found that factors such as gender, education, and insurance status may impact whether patients and their physicians have discussions and take […]

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Is Effective Scientific Communication Essential?

ChemistryViews.org turns 5! For the next 5 months, we will be posting feature articles that highlight great content from our archives. Check out the monthly special feature on the 21st of each month! For July, we address the necessity for scientists to be communicators of science. The pressure to publish is a major concern all scientists, be […]

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Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field which is growing exponentially over the recent decades. This growing field of translational research has much potential as new materials are discovered and designed for applications and technology to suit our increasingly modernized world, thus addressing the needs of society and driving the economy. Wiley attended the recent 8th […]

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