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Habitual Facebook User

Habitual Facebook Users: Suckers for Social Media Scams?

A new study finds that habitual use of Facebook makes individuals susceptible to social media phishing attacks by criminals, likely because they automatically respond to requests without considering how they are connected with those sending the requests, how long they have known them, or who else is connected with them. Predictors of habitual use of […]

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leadership and business book

Leadership and Business Transformation: How to Keep It Going?

We’ve heard story after story about prolific leaders rejecting apparent limitations by refusing to accept the reflexive “no” from their teams. Steve Jobs insisted the iPhone be a certain size and feel without sacrificing a drop of tech wizardry. Walt Disney demanded never-been-done-before quality and realism while making huge leaps forward in the craft of […]

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facebook murder research

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Facebook Murder’?

Investigators recently set out to consider whether homicides involving social networking sites were unique and worthy of labels such as ‘Facebook Murder’, and to explore the ways in which perpetrators had used such sites in the homicides they had committed. The cases they identified were not collectively unique or unusual when compared with general trends […]

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chinese invent paper money first

Do You Know That Chinese Are the First to Invent the Paper Money?

  China invented paper, ink, and printing and was thus the first to experiment with paper money, probably as early as around AD 1000.2 Between the early twelfth and the late fifteenth centuries, extensive paper money systems were developed under the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), the Jin Dynasty (1115–1234), the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368), and the […]

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