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Latest Annual banned-substance review now published

Drug Testing and Analysis – Latest Annual banned-substance review now published Within the mosaic display of international anti-doping efforts, analytical strategies based on up-to-date instrumentation as well as most recent information about physiology, pharmacology, metabolism, etc., of prohibited substances and methods of doping are indispensable. The continuous emergence of new chemical entities and the identification […]

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Start Year 2015 with the Best Research in Diabetes

Do you know that 11.6% of adults (or 114 million) in China have diabetes? According to the findings released by the Journal of the American Medical Association last September, the number is set to increase by 40%, especially among those from 18 – 29 years old, who are on the brink to develop the diseases. […]

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four keys to making money

The Four Real Keys to Making Money

The winning methods of successful professional investors are even sometimes contradictory. For example, in the book Market Wizards the successful pro Jim Rogers is quoted as saying that he often examines charts for signs of “hysteria,” and also that “I haven’t met a rich technician.” In the same book an equally successful pro, Marty Schwartz, […]

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