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Creating a High-Performance Brain with Nutrition

Time is money When feeling time poor and under the pump or chasing deadlines, we are not focused on making the best food choices. We make do by eating on the run, grabbing whatever food is available, which is typically fast foods laden with fat, salt and sugar. Indulging in poor nutritional choices at the […]

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Most Common Resume Lies

Most Common Resume Lies Embellished skill set 57% Embellished responsibilities 55% Dates of employment 42% Job title 34% Academic degrees 33% Companies worked for 26% Accolades/awards 18% CareerBuilder’s survey asked employers to describe the most memorable lies they had spotted on resumes. Some are stunning in their audacity, and others are so lame it is […]

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what networking is not

What Networking is Not!

Going to events expecting to land new clients sets you up for failure and frustration.  Understanding that appropriate networking was different from jumping into the sales cycle was the turning point for a client who is the vice-president of an investment firm. Before we talked through his hesitations and he came to this realization, it […]

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