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Why burnout is prevalent among nurses in China?

With the increase of both the population and elder people, the shortage of nurses has become a well-known issue all over the world. Many countries, including China, claim that nurses are needed at present and in the near future. Structuring a culture of intent to stay and positive clinical nurse practical settings are two primary […]

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Wiley Research – On The Theme of Indigenous Australia

Wiley, along with many of its publishing partners, is proud to present this collection of recent papers on the theme of ‘Indigenous Australia’. As a leading publisher of Australian academic and scientific journals, including a large number of journals owned by Australian research and practitioner organisations, Wiley is in an excellent position to provide readers with […]

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international day for older persons free research paper

International Day of Older Persons

“He who strives thus to mingle youthfulness and age may grow old in body, but old in spirit he will never be.” – Wei Zheng Let’s celebrate the “International Day of Older Persons” today. To age gracefully, we have produced a series of journal articles and book chapters that provide tips on how to take […]

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thai patients cope with pain

How do Thai Patients Cope with Pain?

How do Thai patients receiving haemodialysis (HD) cope with pain? Researchers conducted face-to-face interviews with 20 participants receiving HD to find out methods of managing physical pain, psychological pain and social pain. While pain affected both physical and spiritual well-being of Thai people receiving HD, the results suggest that they combated it with health-adjustment and […]

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HPV vaccination

Japanese Girls’ thoughts on HPV Vaccination

How do adolescent Japanese girls arrive at Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination? Researchers interviewed 20 Japanese girls who lived in the wider Tokyo area to examine how they encountered with cervical cancer and HPV vaccine, how they thought about HPV vaccination and how they discussed with their parents about vaccination. School-sponsored briefings and conversation with […]

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