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Don't Miss Out on Advanced Energy Materials

Launched in January 2011, Advanced Energy Materials has become an exciting, interdisciplinary forum of original peer-reviewed contributions on materials used in all forms of energy harvesting, conversion and storage. The journal received its first ISI Immediacy Index of 1.950 and is expected to receive its first ISI Impact Factor for 2012 of over 8 in June […]

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New Approach to Cell Transplantation Advances Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes researchers believe transplanting pancreatic cells which secrete insulin may reduce the need for patients to regularly inject themselves. However, this potential treatment has been plagued by high failure rates. A new technique, detailed in Advanced Healthcare Materials, may help solve this problem by improving graft rates, which could increase future transplant success rates. Source: […]

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The Computational Chemical Sciences Update

Together, the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Journal of Computational Chemistry, Molecular Informatics and WIRES: Computational Molecular Science provide a dedicated forum for reporting breakthroughs in all aspects of computational chemical sciences, covering fields as diverse as molecular physics, organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, catalysis, biophysics, nanotechnology, material science, chemical biology, molecular design, drug discovery […]

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The 8th Annual Conference of the ARCCFN

Advances in Functional Nanomaterials started in 2004 where its primary focus was to showcase the research of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials. Since then, the conference has evolved into a meeting of nanomaterials scientists of world class standards that facilitates scientific exchange among researchers at national and international level, and explores ways of […]

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