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3 Recorded Webinars Recommended for Early Career Researchers


If you are just starting out your career as a researcher, you probably have a sea of questions you’re hoping that someone can answer about publishing a paper. Instead of ploughing through multiple sources in search of your answers, here are 3 recorded webinars covering a spectrum of topics, from writing tips to understanding the publishing process that we recommend you to watch.

*Note: Please register on the webinar platform in order to access the webinar content. Registration is free of charge.

1) Introduction to Publishing for Early Career Researchers

Who is it for
Anyone who is just starting out in their Research career.

What is it about
Get tips and best practices from writing a paper to increasing the exposure of it. Here are the topics of this webinar:

  • Find out how and where to begin the writing process, and how to choose the right journal.
  • Be guided through what editors are looking for and how to tailor your writing to it.
  • Learn everything you need to know about the publishing and peer review processes, including time lines.
  • Get tips on increasing the exposure of your paper.

Watch webinar here >>

2) A Practical guide to Peer Review for Early Career Researchers

Who is it for
Researchers who are new to the peer review process or need to know the best way to give feedback.

What is it about
Find out how more about the specifics of the peer review process, how to perform a peer review, and the most important dos and don’ts.

Topics in the webinar:

  • Outline the processes involved, including the emails and alerts you will receive.
  • Show you how to construct your Peer Review report
  • Run through the Do’s and Don’ts of giving constructive feedback

Watch webinar here >>

3) Strategies to Boost Discoverability, Citation & Altmetric Score for Researchers

Who is it for
Researchers who are keen on learning more about Altmetrics and tips to connect their published works to a global audience effectively.

What is it about
Get in-depth insights on how you can use Altmetrics for storytelling and how you can enhance the discoverability of your work. Topics in this webinar includes:

  • Enhancing article discoverability
  • Wiley author marketing solutions
  • Measuring & Increasing the Altmetric Score
  • Telling a story with both metrics
  • Practical Uses of Altmetric

Watch webinar here >>

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