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Highlights in Analytical Science

Are you a researcher in the field of Analytical Science? Here are some journal highlights that you should not miss out.

Energy Materials Special Issue

This special issue demonstrates the central importance of crystallographic tools in the development of materials and technologies related to energy, by probing the structural function relationship to reveal the fundamental basis for device operation and failure.

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2 Molecular Recognition

Special Issue: MIP 2014, 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting

Latest developments in molecular imprinting from around the global are published in the March issue of Journal of Molecular Recognition. Read these articles now.

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3 Journal of Separation Science

Focus on Protein and Macromolecular Separations Special Issue

Worldwide leading scientists in the field present cutting edge research being performed on the separation and analysis of proteins and polymers

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4 Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy Research

A critical approach to evaluating clinical efficacy, advert events and drug interactions of herbal remedies

This hot review evaluates clinical data regarding the adverse effects of herbal remedies and shows that, with vigilance, herbal remedies are generally better tolerated than synthetic medications.

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5-1 Journal of Separation Science

Separation Science in Latin America

The progress in separation science in Latin America is on an increasing trajectory. This virtual issue, covers new and important topics in the field as presented by leading groups at the COLACRO conference.

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