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Current Controversy in Epilepsy: SUDEP

EpilepsiaSudden unexpected death from epilepsy (SUDEP) has attracted considerable attention in the past several years, and there is increasing pressure from the epilepsy community to encourage medical professionals to tell their patients about it. In a Scottish coroner’s inquest after the SUDEP deaths of two girls, a recommendation was made that “The vast majority of patients with epilepsy, or their parents or carers where appropriate, should be advised of the risk of SUDEP on first diagnosis or…within a very short time thereafter.” How are we doing with our understanding of the risk and burden of SUDEP and when it is discussed with patients and families?

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Assessing the public health burden

Characteristics of epilepsy patients and caregivers who either have or have not heard of SUDEP

Knowing the risk of SUDEP: Two family’s perspectives and The Danny Did Foundation

Commentary: It’s time to talk about SUDEP

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