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Webinar: “How to get your papers publish in Groundwater”

Do you have a burning need to publish in “Groundwater“, the leading international journal focused exclusively on groundwater? Since 1963, Groundwater has published a dynamic mix of papers on topics related to groundwater including groundwater flow and well hydraulics, hydrogeochemistry and contaminant hydrogeology, application of geophysics, groundwater management and policy, and history of groundwater hydrology. The journal emphasizes articles that include presentation of theory with practical application.

We are proud to invite our Editor-in-chief, Dr. Hendrik M. Haitjema, for Groundwater journal, to share with you on how to get your papers published in this international journal.

In this webinar, you will learn from the expert on:

1. Research topics included in Groundwater journal

2. Notes for preparing your manuscript

3. How to organize your paper well

4. The review process

5. How to get your papers successfully published in Groundwater journal

Dr. Hendrik M. Haitjema received his master’s degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands in 1976 and his Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1982. He regularly serves as a consultant to professionals and the public. He joined Indiana University in 1984 where he served as a professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs until August 2012. He taught, among others, groundwater flow modeling and applied mathematics.

Haitjema has a specialization in groundwater hydrology. His research interests include both the development and application of mathematical models for regional groundwater flow systems, three-dimensional groundwater flow embedded in two-dimensional flow models (Dupuit-Forchheimer models), fresh and salt water interface flow, transit time distributions in watersheds, and the conjunctive modeling of surface water and groundwater flow. The emphasis in his research is on the application of analytic functions in modeling groundwater flow, the Analytic Element Method (AEM).

Grab this rare opportunity to learn from the expert at your preferred destination, by joining this webinar held on 1st April from 930am – 1030am, GMT time.

Topic: How to get your papers published in Groundwater Journal

Speaker: Dr. Hendrik Haitjema,Editor in Chief of Groundwater

Date: 1st April 2015

Time:9:30am-10:30am, (GMT+8) 

For registration, please click here. Please mark the date and time in your calendar. We look forward to see you online soon.




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