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Livestock and Food Security: How to Feed 10.6 Billion People in 2050?

lifestock and food security free research paperWe have kind of heard or read somewhere that total population on earth is expected to hit 10.6 billion by 2050? But did you know that we need to increase food production by 70% to cater to a population of 9 billion people?

While animal products account for about one-third of our protein consumption globally, livestock is crucial for low-income areas  whenever there are crop failures. The challenge here is sustaining those livestock for massive growth of population despite climate change.

Researchers analysed the vulnerability of the nations where livestock-based food production can be affected by population growth and climate change. Animal-based products play an important role in diet for nations with lower income such as many Asian countries while such products would be optional for more developed and wealthier nations.

It is interesting that the study indicates that food security is not a concern in Singapore and Hong Kong which are not agricultural countries while India is facing challenges with food security despite being agricultural. Another noteworthy point is that governance plays a substantial role in terms of food security of the nations.

Despite self-sufficiency, this research suggests, nations may face vulnerability in terms of livestock and food security due to poorly developed trade networks. It also recommends to take care on how to manage the “underlying structural reform” in addition to “policy decisions, support and interventions”.

Are you interested in livestock and food security affected by population growth and climate change? Read this full compelling research here. It is under open access! Do not forget to tweet us what you think about the topic to @wileyasiablog. We like to read different opinions!

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