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Special Issue: Ecology of Freshwater Fish

freshwater fish ecology researchFreshwater habitats play an important role in fundamental ecosystem functions and services, besides sustaining an overwhelming diversity of species.

Ecology of Freshwater Fish  publishes original articles on all aspects of fish ecology and fishery sciences in lakes, rivers and estuaries. The journal also includes ecologically oriented studies of behaviour, genetics and physiology, as well as the conservation, development and management of recreational and commercial fisheries.

In this Special Issue from the Journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish titled “Ecology and conservation of freshwater fish: time to act for a more effective management”, it covers a wide range of topic from diet composition of smelt Osmerus eperlanus (Linnaeus) to distribution and movement of European grayling. Below are a few highlighted articles, you may browse the whole issue here.

Ecology and conservation of freshwater fish: time to act for a more effective management

This article introduces the special issue by urging researchers to do further exploration on freshwater fish ecology “in order to innovate the management of freshwater ecosystems and their resources”. It also mentions that nine studies in this special issue were presented at the Ecology and Conservation of Freshwater Fish (ECFF 2012).

Variation in morphological characteristics of Japanese fluvial sculpin related to different environmental conditions in a single river system in eastern Japan

Its abstract mentions that the results of the study “suggest the possibility of changes in the morphological characters of Japanese fluvial sculpin in relation to environmental conditions even at the tributary scale within the same river system.”

Does the use of alternative food resources induce cannibalism in a size-structured fish population?

According to its abstract, this study “examined diet variation and intracohort cannibalism by young-of-the-year (YOY) European perch (Perca fluviatilis) after hatching in three stocking experiments in ponds based on stomach content and stable isotope analyses.

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