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Podcasts and Special Issues on Literacy Research

Here is a list of special issues, shortlisted articles and new podcasts on the topic of Literacy Research. 

Special Issues

Eye Movements During Chinese Reading - Literacy Research







Eye Movements During Chinese Reading

Narrative and Literacy - Literacy Research







Narrative and Literacy

Articles from Journal of Research in Reading

Impact of early code-skill and oral-comprehension training on reading achievement in first grade
Maryse Bianco, Catherine Pellenq, Eric Lambert, Pascal Bressoux, Laurent Lima, Anne-Lise Doyen

The effect of a structured story reading intervention, story retelling and higher order thinking for English language and literacy acquisition
Ana M. Cruz de Quirós, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Fuhui Tong, Beverly J. Irby

The influence of semantic neighbours on visual word recognition
Mark Yates

Semantic effects on word naming in children with developmental dyslexia
Neville W. Hennessey, Adele Deadman, Cori Williams

Articles from Literacy

Messing about with metaphor: multimodal aspects to children’s creative meaning making
Roberta Taylor

Teaching narrative writing using comics: Delainey and Rasmussen, the creators of Betty, share their composing strategies as rich literacy resources for elementary teachers
Rhonda Nixon

Conceptualisations of literacy and literacy practices for children with severe learning difficulties
Hazel Lawson, Lyn Layton, Juliet Goldbart, Penny Lacey, Carol Miller

The views of Nigerian teachers in public and private primary schools on the teaching of early literacy in English
Foluso Okebukola

Assumptions and practices in using digital technologies to teach writing in middle-level classrooms across Canada
Shelley Stagg Peterson, Jill Kedersha McClay

Podcasts from Literacy

Eve Bearne on Writing for Literacy

Andrew Lambirth on How to turn your dissertation into a Journal Article


Key reading on Policy and Practice in Literacy

Affective responses to teaching grammarNavigating ‘the pit of doom’: Affective responses to teaching ‘grammar’
Annabel Watson


New Literacy StudiesStandards, Policy Paradoxes, and the New Literacy Studies: A Call to Professional Political Action
Leslie David Burns


Reading Coaches and the Relationship between Policy and PracticeReading Coaches and the Relationship Between
Policy and Practice
Sarah L. Woulfin


10 things every literacy educator should know about research10 Things Every Literacy Educator Should Know About Research
Nell K. Duke, Nicole M. Martin


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