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Pediatric Occupational Therapy: An Australian Occupational Therapy Journal Virtual Issue

Australian Occupational Therapy JournaThe Australian Occupational Therapy Journal is the official journal of Occupational Therapy Australia, and welcomes manuscripts relevant to the theory, research, practice and education of occupational therapy. It aims to promote research and interdisciplinary communication, and provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to occupational therapists.


Australian Occupational Therapy Journal invites you to read these collected papers below:

Key principles for confronting the challenges of collaboration in educational settings
Kobie Boshoff, Hugh Stewart

Evidence-based practice in occupational therapy services for children with autism spectrum disorders in Victoria, Australia
Masne Kadar, Rachael McDonald, Primrose Lentin

Wheelchair skills training programme for children: A pilot study
Bonita Sawatzky, Paula W. Rushton, Ian Denison, Rachael McDonald

Sensory interventions for children: Where does our profession stand?
Sylvia Rodger, Jill Ashburner, Elizabeth Hinder

Effect of pencil grasp on the speed and legibility of handwriting after a 10-minute copy task in Grade 4 children
Heidi Schwellnus, Heather Carnahan, Azadeh Kushki, Helene Polatajko, Cheryl Missiuna, Tom Chau

Impact of the Learn to Play program on play, social competence and language for children aged 5–8 years who attend a specialist school
Karen Stagnitti, Chloe O’Connor

Restraint of children with additional needs in motor vehicles: Knowledge and challenges of paediatric occupational therapists in Victoria, Australia
Anne Baker, Jane Galvin, Lisa Vale, Helen Lindner

Examining construct validity of a new naturalistic observational assessment of hand skills for preschool- and school-age children
Chi-Wen Chien, Ted Brown, Rachael McDonald

A play-based intervention for children with ADHD: A pilot study
Sarah Wilkes, Reinie Cordier, Anita Bundy, Kimberley Docking, Natalie Munro

Dinnertime and bedtime routines and rituals in families with a young child with an autism spectrum disorder
Kylie Marquenie, Sylvia Rodger, Kim Mangohig, Anne Cronin

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