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Top Articles for World Philosophy Day

PhilosophyIn salute of World Philosophy Day, sponsored by UNESCO, we are presenting a selection of scholarly and professional research in philosophy. These include the top journal articles from 2012, essential books and other key resources on the subject.

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Top Downloaded Articles in Philosophy      

Analytic Philosophy
An Account of Conscious Experience

Developing World Bioethics
News Media Reports of Patient Deaths Following ‘Medical Tourism’ for Cosmetic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery

Bad Analytic Philosophy

European Journal of Philosophy
Religion in the Public Sphere

Quantifying the Gender Gap: An Empirical Study of the Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy

Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Persistent Misconceptions about Chinese “Legalism”

Journal of Political Philosophy
The Capability Approach in Practice

Philosophical Theories of Privacy: Implications for an Adequate Online Privacy Policy

Moral Responsibility and Determinism: The Cognitive Science of Folk Intuitions

Philosophical Investigations
Wittgenstein on Grammar, Theses and Dogmatism

The Philosophical Quarterly
Frege’s Concept Paradox and the Mirroring Principle

Philosophy & Public Affairs
What’s Wrong with Torture?

The Southern Journal of Philosophy
Against Empathy

Topics in Cognitive Science
Complexity and Extended Phenomenological-Cognitive Systems

Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume
Scientific Structuralism: On the Identity and Diversity of Objects in a Structure

Business and Society Review
Integrity—Clarifying and Upgrading an Important Concept for Business Ethics

Educational Theory
Why “What Works” Won’t Work: Evidence-Based Practice and the Democratic Deficit in Educational Research

Hastings Center Report
Dr. Douchebag: A Tale of the Emergency Department

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
Photography and Knowledge

Subscribe to posts in this subject via EmailThe Journal of Humanistic Counseling
Self-Determination Theory: The Importance of Autonomy to Well-Being Across Cultures

Journal of Social Philosophy
Same-Sex Marriage: Not a Threat to Marriage of Children

Midwest Studies In Philosophy
Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
How Do You Know That “How Do You Know?” Challenges a Speaker’s Knowledge?

Philosophical Issues
Darwinian Skepticism about Moral Realism

Philosophy Compass
Philosophy of Humor

Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (Hardback)
Property Dualism and Substance Dualism

Frege’s Theory of Sense and Reference: Some Exegetical Notes

End-of-Life Decision-Making in Canada: The Report by the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on End-of-Life

Cognitive Science
Reflection and Reasoning in Moral Judgment

Educational Philosophy and Theory
The Principles and Content of African Traditional Education

History and Theory
The Missing Narrativist Turn in the Historiography of Science

Journal of Applied Philosophy
The Principled Case for Employing Private Military and Security Companies in Interventions for Human Rights Purposes

Journal of Philosophy of Education
Critical Thinking and Constructivism: Mambo Dog Fish to the Banana Patch

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
Conceptualizing Religion and Spirituality: Points of Commonality, Points of Departure

Mind & Language
Pragmatics, Cognitive Flexibility and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Philosophical Forum
Nietzsche’s Response to Kant’s Morality

Philosophical Perspectives
Puppies, Pigs and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
In Defense of Phenomenal Concept Strategy

Deontological Moral Obligations and Non-Welfarist Agent-Relative Values

Thought: A Journal of Philosophy
An Argument Against General Validity

Essential Books

Books of Interest - Philosophy

Also of interest

New Issue: Hastings Center Report
Updates on Bioethics
Hypatia Essays on the Place of Women in the Profession of Philosophy « Philosophy Compass

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