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Wiley Celebrates International Women’s Day

Since 2013, we have supported the cause of gender equality by compiling a research collection of the latest developments in gender studies, women’s rights, and more. In 2016, we are thrilled to announce that this collection has grown to include close to 1,000 research articles and book chapters from across the social sciences, humanities, health […]

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Research and webinar podcast collection on issues of refugees and migration

At the end of 2014, there were an estimated 19.5 million refugees worldwide. This crisis was drawn once again into sharp light as Syrian refugees entered Europe in recent months. Many of these people are families with children, forced to flee their homes or risk their safety. We have brought together a collection of content […]

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International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Virtual Issue: Chinese Cities

虚拟专刊:中国城市 过去三十年中国城市经历了巨变。本期虚拟专刊从IJURR已经发表的关于中国文章中选取若干篇,以展示中国城市演变的历程。从浩瀚的文献中,选取少数,并非易事,因为所有的文章都有他们特定的价值。这里所选的18篇文章不是单单基于他们的质量,而是更多地在于他们从某个侧面反映了中国城市的转型。本集刊包括九个主题:城市改造、社区和地方塑造、城中村和非正规聚落、区域发展、土地开发、住房不平等、不平等和城市贫困,城市空间和空间转型。在这九大主题中,选取一篇历史的文献和一篇新近的文献,从而看出研究的进展。有些经典的文献,不可避免的没有都罗列在此,因为他们非常容易从刊物中找到。 本虚拟专刊从比较的视野开始,思考中国城市。比如,从其他国家中产生的理论是否适用于中国城市?在城市改造中,“地方”的重要性是如何?这些内容都和世界上的其他城市研究相联系。旧城改造与早先的城市转型和社区建设的研究相关。 非正规发展是其他发展中国家的特点,中国城市也不例外。城中村得到了广泛的研究。 在本刊发表了很多关于“全球南方”的非正规性研究。城中村与早先对非正规住宅的研究相关。 在全球化的影响下,城市相互竞争,重新定位。城市跨界发展,区域研究一直是重要的主题。关于珠三角区域的研究比较深入,展示了在全国范围的区域研究兴趣的演变,在其他区域的发展,值得进一步关注。 中国城市的土地发展的认识一直颇具争议。对土地产权变化,特别是产权界定,以及市场化的程度,有不同的认识。 住房不平等是本刊的研究重点之一。从住房所有权到社会空间不平等,都展开了大量研究。近来对外来移民的住房有进一步的研究。社会分化和城市贫困是市场转型的后果。全球金融危机加深了社会问题。早先对贫困产生的制度机理的研究,得到进一步深化,特别对社区尺度展开了实证研究。 最后中国城市经历了空间和社会转型。空间研究加深了对社会空间形态的认识。 总之,中国城市研究和世界其他地方的城市研究相关,业已成为城市和区域研究中的核心内容。 吴缚龙 IJURR编辑委员会 Read the virtual issue here: http://www.ijurr.org/virtual-issues/chinese-cities/

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The Legacy of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Today, Singaporeans are saddened by the departure of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, who died on March 23, at the age of 91. Despite his controversial policies, he is respected as a leader with great foresight, who has led Singapore from a third world country to a first world country. Today, […]

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Wiley

This year marks Wiley’s third celebrating International Women’s Day with a free compendium from our books and journals. This year we’ve selected the theme of gender equality for our collection, which includes content ranging from gender issues in the classroom, to the workplace, to a look back throughout history. For 2015 we’ve added to the […]

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