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Current Protocols Pop Quiz

From now until 10 November 2015 , stand a chance to win Amazon eVouchers when you take our Current Protocols pop quiz. Discover a wealth of knowledge from hundreds of laboratory protocols as you take part in this easy and fun quiz. How it works? 1. Enter your particulars. 2. Answer 3 questions successfully and […]

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Nominations open for the 15th annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences

The annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences, awarded by the Wiley Foundation, has recognized breakthrough research in pure or applied life science research since 2002. It seeks to honor research that is distinguished by its excellence, originality and impact on our understanding of biological systems and processes. This annual prize provides the awardee with: A […]

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Genetically Manipulating Plants Can Reduce their Water Needs

Improving the efficiency by which crops use water is a critical priority for regions facing increased drought or diminished groundwater resources.  Now researchers have found that this can be achieved by genetically altering plants’ stomata, the tiny openings on the leaf surface through which  carbon dioxide is absorbed and water evaporates. “We now have genetic […]

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lian free research paper

Water-Use Advantage for Lianas over Trees in Tropical Seasonal Forests

Lianas exhibit peak abundance in tropical forests with strong seasonal droughts, the eco-physiological mechanisms associated with lianas coping with water deficits are poorly understood. Researchers examined soil water partitioning, sap flow, and canopy eco-physiological properties for 99 individuals of 15 liana and 34 co-occurring tree species in three tropical forests that differed in soil water […]

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Cryptic colouration plant camouflage

Going Grey: Chinese Plants Evolve Alpine Camouflage to Avoid Attack

Many animal species have evolved sophisticated camouflage to avoid predators, yet research in New Phytologist has found that in the plant world a Chinese species of herb uses its grey leaves to blend into its mountainside surroundings. As a defense strategy camouflage can be costly for plants. Flowers which rely on attracting insects for pollination […]

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