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Current Protocols Pop Quiz

From now until 10 November 2015 , stand a chance to win Amazon eVouchers when you take our Current Protocols pop quiz. Discover a wealth of knowledge from hundreds of laboratory protocols as you take part in this easy and fun quiz. How it works? 1. Enter your particulars. 2. Answer 3 questions successfully and […]

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french fries without oil

French Fries without Fat, Anyone?

Imagine the world where what we call junk food could be oil free. Researchers explored the alternatives of oil for fried food. Colour, texture and flavor of fried foods that attract our appetite depends on “the amount of oil absorbed during frying”. To achieve the similar characteristics of fried food, researchers found out that glucose […]

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world food day 2014 free research paper

Free Articles to Celebrate World Food Day 2014

We all know that today is World Food Day in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). As we like to celebrate World Food Day meaningfully, we have compiled a list of articles that would be useful for everyone interested in food and nutrition. These articles are accessible […]

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Plastic Utensils Toxic

Are Your Plastic Utensils Toxic?

To reduce the mess broken glass can create in the kitchen, many plastic-made kitchen utensils such as dishes, cups, spoons, forks, measuring cups and bottles are making their way into our kitchens. Have you ever wondered what type of plastic these utensils are made up of? Acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene resin (ABS) and acrylonitrile–styrene resin (AS) are two […]

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