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Free Online – NEW Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2015/2016

Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology The essential guide for all those working in the vital search for new drugs. Concise overviews of the key properties of over 1,700 established or potential pharmacological targets and their ligands/drug interactions. Links to the open access knowledge-base of drug targets and their ligands in the official IUPHAR […]

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Cochrane & Evidence Aid: resources for earthquakes

This Cochrane Special Collection, developed in collaboration with Evidence Aid, includes Cochrane Reviews of healthcare topics that are important in the aftermath of a major earthquake. The reviews’ conclusions are presented, along with signposts to systematic reviews that might be helpful to decision-makers. Topics covered: diarrhoea prevention and treatment; wound management; fracture management; physical trauma […]

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Dr. Lai Nai Ming cochrane library

Interview: How to Validate Medical Claims Using Evidence-Based Medicine Databases

Every day, we receive conflicting news reports on various medical claims and treatments.  As a layman, how can we differentiate credible sources of evidence from misguided messages, to make informed healthcare decisions? Let us hear from Dr. Lai Nai Ming, Associate Professor at Taylor’s University, School of Medicine in Malaysia and learn how he validates […]

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Malaysia Cochrane Center Cochrane Library Free Access

Malaysia Users : Access Cochrane Library Free for a Month

Update (27 Jun 2014) : Due to overwhelming responses, we have extended the period of free access to The Cochrane Library till end of July. Share your experience of using Cochrane Library on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #MyCochraneLibrary and win one of five mystery gifts! Click here for more details. To celebrate the launch […]

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zinc supplementation boosts children immune system

Zinc Supplementation Boosts Immune System in Children

Zinc supplements reduce diarrhoea and other infections in malnourished children, and may prevent death, according to a new study published in The Cochrane Library. The study is the first Cochrane systematic review to focus on zinc as a means to prevent childhood death, including deaths caused by diarrhoea, one of the biggest killers of under-fives. […]

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