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Free Online – NEW Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2015/2016

Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology The essential guide for all those working in the vital search for new drugs. Concise overviews of the key properties of over 1,700 established or potential pharmacological targets and their ligands/drug interactions. Links to the open access knowledge-base of drug targets and their ligands in the official IUPHAR […]

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Free Virtual Issue from European Journal of Neurology

Invited Reviews from European subspecialty experts on a range of subjects example: Neurology & Psychiatry Neurological Autoimmune Disorders Myasthenia & Comorbidity Statins and The Neuromuscular System Epilepsy Comorbidities Cryptogenic Stroke Dystonia Syndromes Post-sStroke Cognitive Decline TDP-43 in Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis Antibody Biomarkers in CNS Demyelinating Diseases and more …… Read FREE today

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Current Controversy in Epilepsy: SUDEP

Sudden unexpected death from epilepsy (SUDEP) has attracted considerable attention in the past several years, and there is increasing pressure from the epilepsy community to encourage medical professionals to tell their patients about it. In a Scottish coroner’s inquest after the SUDEP deaths of two girls, a recommendation was made that “The vast majority of […]

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SURVEY RESULTS: Use of Medical Marijuana in Treating Epilepsy

Fewer Specialists Support Using Medical Marijuana and CBD in Treating Epilepsy Patients Compared with General Medical Professionals and Patients: Result of Epilepsia’s Survey The survey opened May 20, 2014 and closed September 1, 2014. The web site was visited 3,466 times with 776 individuals starting the poll and 529 (68%) completing all of the questions. […]

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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, providing an opportunity to foster education about autism and issues within the autism community. The prevalence of Autism is now one in every 68 children in America; much research has been done, and much is left to do, around ASD within the medical community. Read some recent journal publications on […]

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