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Geriatric Medicine


Fall risk in Chinese community-dwelling older adults: A physiological profile assessment study

Falls in Chinese older people are a serious healthcare problem leading to considerable adverse consequences and high healthcare costs in Chinese populations. Assessment of fall risk in older people is complex as a result of the multifactorial nature of the underlying risk factors. The Physiological Profile Assessment (PPA) is a validated fall risk assessment tool that […]

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Wiley Research – On The Theme of Indigenous Australia

Wiley, along with many of its publishing partners, is proud to present this collection of recent papers on the theme of ‘Indigenous Australia’. As a leading publisher of Australian academic and scientific journals, including a large number of journals owned by Australian research and practitioner organisations, Wiley is in an excellent position to provide readers with […]

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international day for older persons free research paper

International Day of Older Persons

“He who strives thus to mingle youthfulness and age may grow old in body, but old in spirit he will never be.” – Wei Zheng Let’s celebrate the “International Day of Older Persons” today. To age gracefully, we have produced a series of journal articles and book chapters that provide tips on how to take […]

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Free Access Over 300 Medical Journals

As cliche as it might sound, for researchers, nothing is better than free access to research papers especially those papers cover a variety of topics. We have blogged about Free Top Medical Articles across 34 specialties in 2013. Now that we have more things to share, we compiled a list of sample issues from over […]

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Best of 2013 – Free Top Medical Articles across 34 specialties

Christmas is the season of sharing. We would like to share the gift of knowledge to you by offering free access to the Best of 2013 Top Medical Articles across 34 medical subjects. Access to the prominent collection of free Wiley Medical Journals for a limited period here!      

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