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asians good at math stereotype

Asians are Good at Math. What an Awful Stereotype.

From Youtube videos to memes across Internet, we have heard the claim saying “Asians are good at math” a number of times. Are they? Researchers approached this Model Minority Stereotype (MMS) on Asian American Engineering students with various methods including exploring academic transcript data, surveys and interviews to find out how true this stereotype is […]

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Atomic Force Microscope Built with Lego!

UK and China-based researchers have unveiled the world’s first, low-cost atomic force microscope, (AFM), made from Lego. Research-grade AFMs typically cost more than $100,000 but the newly designed instrument, built from Lego, Arduino microcontrollers and 3D printed parts, could cost less than $500 to produce. In the first event of its kind, Lego2Nano brought together […]

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