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Free Online – NEW Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2015/2016

Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology The essential guide for all those working in the vital search for new drugs. Concise overviews of the key properties of over 1,700 established or potential pharmacological targets and their ligands/drug interactions. Links to the open access knowledge-base of drug targets and their ligands in the official IUPHAR […]

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berlin wall free research paper

25 Years after the Fall of Berlin Wall

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall stood as a physical reminder of the Cold War’s destruction of civil liberties and a barrier against reconstruction. On November 9, 1989, the world anxiously awaited as Berliners gathered to dismantle the wall that separated families, economies, and opportunities. In honor of that momentous occasion, we invite you to […]

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internet addiction video gaming research paper free

Video Gaming and Internet Addiction : Harmful or Harmless?

The more the addiction to video games, Internet and social media is increased among teenagers and young adults, the more concerned the parents become. It is where family therapists play an important role. Are video games really bad for children? How to counter addiction to social media? Researchers explored the impact for these new forms […]

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environmental issue

Virtual Issue for Earth Day : Human Impact on Climate Change

That Earth Day is celebrated speaks to people’s recognition of the intrinsic value of the natural world. In recognition of Earth Day, therefore, we have compiled four articles that help us understand why people are or are not good stewards of the planet. These works explore the psychological processes that affect environmental intentions and behaviors, […]

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Autism Research World Autism Awareness Day

Wiley celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

The seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) is April 2, 2014. The goal of WAAD is to raise awareness of an “invisible” disability, and thankfully, awareness of Autism and related disorders has increased dramatically over the last 25 years. To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, Wiley published a virtual issue containing some of the […]

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