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Nurses Provide Care Comparable to that of Doctors for Resolving Health Problems of Low Complexity

A new study has found that Spanish nurses trained specifically to resolve acute health problems of low complexity provide care of comparable quality to that of general practitioners. Published early online in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, the findings suggest that nurses may be able to take on some of the care generally provided by […]

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Helping Dementia Patients Remember to Eat Well Improves Physical and Mental Health

A new analysis has found that a combination of methods that help patients with dementia remember proper eating habits can improve their physical health and lessen symptoms of depression. Published early online in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, the study indicates that clinicians should consider using this intervention in individuals with dementia who also have […]

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Nurses at Forefront of Genomics in Healthcare

NIH Stresses Importance of Genomics in Nursing Care in Medical Literature On April 14, 2003 a map of the human genome was completed, ushering in a new era of genetics in medicine with applications that include genetic testing; newborn screening; susceptibility to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, or psychiatric conditions; screening, diagnosis and monitoring […]

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