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adoption of medical innovation

How To Speed Up the Adoption of Medical Innovations

If a given innovation in therapy is proven to improve patient outcomes; then presumably, the sooner a physician prescribes the therapy, the better, for patients and for healthcare. So, how can one speed up the adoption rate of innovations potentially beneficial to clinical practice and patient care? Creating awareness for medical innovations is relatively easy […]

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social media for phrama marketer

Interview : Social Media Use for Multi-Channel Pharma Marketing

New social media technologies are opening up new channels of communication for pharma marketers to reach out to their healthcare stakeholders.  How can pharmas navigate the social responsibilities that come with social media use? Wiley Interface asked Dr. Eiji Sasahara, Partner of the Healthcare Cloud Initiative, NPO how FDA guidance on social media use for […]

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wiley mobile app

Mobile Apps for Everyday Physician Use: An App-reciation

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are transforming healthcare by making it easier for physicians and patients to manage and coordinate care. With the Asia-Pacific region boasting some of the highest smartphone penetration rates, the potential for mobile apps to support and improve medical practice and patient care is promising.  In the first quarter of […]

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health elearning free

eLearning: The Way Forward in Continuing Medical Education?

eLearning has made space for greater flexibility in education, attuning to the needs of individual learners – from schedules to learning speeds.  With online learning making headway across all fields of knowledge, what is the potential of eLearning for healthcare professionals (HCPs)? In Singapore, self-study and accredited distance learning programs with verifiable self-assessment can, respectively, […]

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