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No Such Thing as Average? The Science of the Individual

From the class room teaching to cockpit training, education is often built around assumptions that there is an average student, or an average pilot. Writing in Mind, Brain and Education, author Todd Rose and his team outlines ‘the Science of the individual’ which focuses on individual growth patterns and building new tools to analyze them. […]

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Beating the Retreat: Discovering the Cost of Defeat for Fighting Monkeys

Troops of monkeys are known to compete over the best food and locations, but when they lose the battle, what is the cost of defeat? New research in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology explores the high costs of social competition among groups of primates. The results show defeated primates had to move further and […]

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Editorial: How to Contribute to the Development of a Global Understanding of Corporate Governance? Reflections from Submitted and Published Articles in CGIR

Here’s another featured editorial that will be of interest to new authors as it gives the perspective of the screening editors — what they look for and why papers get desk rejected from a journal. Given the increasing competitive environment for academic publications, editorial teams devote considerable time and effort to develop the mission of […]

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