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Wiley is one of the “50 Best E-Learning Companies of India”

​On 14 November, Wiley India was named one of the “50 Best E-Learning Companies of India” at the Global Learn Tech Awards in Mumbai. The awards recognize the best professional e-learning companies and individuals with the overall goal of benchmarking educational practices. The two-day Global Learn Tech congress, explains Vikas Gupta, Managing Director, Wiley India, […]

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ELearning: Chronic Sinusitis Treatment with Office-based Balloon Sinus Dilation

Sinusitis occurs when there is inflammation of the sinus lining. Symptoms include nasal blockage or discharge, altercation in smell, and facial pain or pressure. Chronic sinusitis is when these symptoms persist for more than 12 weeks. Wiley Health Learning’s new eLearning program is designed to help ENT Surgeons and Rhinologists evaluate balloon sinus dilation conducted […]

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Wiley Interface Digital Solutions – 6 New Business Innovations to Help Engage Your Customers

Andrea Manafov-Brown B2B Marketing Manager John Wiley & Sons     To help maximize your sales efforts, Wiley is launching a suite of new products and optimization tools for corporate customers.  These 6 innovations were developed to help corporations extend brand reach, engage customers, measure return and drive revenue. Full page advertising in our Journal […]

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Infographics – Opportunity and Challenges in Going Digital

Jaslyn Tan Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing & Communities John Wiley & Sons   As the internet becomes well-integrated with clinical practice, doctors are embracing this virtual era and using search as their digital stethoscope. When making clinical decisions, physicians spend twice as much time using online resources compared to print. 93% of physicians take […]

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Interface Case Studies : An Insight into your potential, and our everyday successes

Quinn Janjic Assistant Marketing Manager, Channel Marketing John Wiley & Sons     The Interface team have devised and delivered winning content for companies across the global medical and scientific industries. Through combining our international experience with our unrivalled reputation, we have been able to equip brands with the tools needed to successfully launch new […]

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