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Podcasts and Special Issues on Literacy Research

Here is a list of special issues, shortlisted articles and new podcasts on the topic of Literacy Research.  Special Issues             Eye Movements During Chinese Reading             Narrative and Literacy Articles from Journal of Research in Reading Impact of early code-skill and oral-comprehension training on […]

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BJEP and BJDP Virtual Issue: Research from Educational and Developmental Psychology on Poverty and Class

We are pleased to offer you this joint virtual issue from the British Journal of Developmental Psychology and the British Journal of Educational Psychology. BJEP and BJDP Virtual Issue: Research from Educational and Developmental Psychology on Poverty and Class Edited by Harriet Tenenbaum This collection was compiled to dovetail with AERA’s theme of poverty and […]

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Missed Opportunities to Help Smokers with Mental Illness

Researchers from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies say that despite the expansion in smoking cessation services in recent years, GPs are missing opportunities to offer this support to patients with mental health problems. Although smoking prevalence has declined in the United Kingdom over recent decades, it has changed little among people with mental […]

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Drop in Alcohol-related Deaths by Nearly a Third Follows Minimum Alcohol Price Increase of 10%

A new study made available online today in ‘Addiction’ shows that, between 2002 and 2009, the percentage of deaths caused by alcohol in British Columbia, Canada dropped more than expected when minimum alcohol price was increased, while alcohol-related deaths increased when more private alcohol stores were opened. The paper has significant implications for international alcohol […]

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Assessment in Education

With a focus on Assessment in Education, we are highlighting a special collection of online content from key journals and books on the topic. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Education Updates via Email so that you are always alerted every time new & relevant contents are posted in this blog. Jump to: Intervention and […]

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