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Resources for Authors & Researchers from Pre to Post Submission

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We know that publishing a research work is not easy, especially when there are about 101 things needing your attention. With that, we’ve put together links to resources that would help you ensure that your quality published work gets readership and visibility.

1. 10 types of plagiarism infographic

Plagiarism is a huge issue in scientific publishing. It can be confusing for a researcher at times, to know what is being plagiarised, and what is not. The first step to avoid plagiarising others’ works is to understand the different types of plagiarisms. Check out a quick summary of 10 types of plagiarism in this infographic.

2. Quick tips on polishing your manuscript before submission

You’ve spent an immense amount of effort on your research and manuscript before it is finally ready to be submitted to the editorial office. Before you do that, be sure to run through these quick tips on writing a great Title, ensuring reproducibility & reliability in your research and more to make sure that your manuscript has got it all.

Bonus: Don’t miss out on a free checklist at the end of the article.

3. Wiley editing services

Focus on letting your research do the talking and be relieved of the stress caused by language barriers and formatting issues in your manuscript. Wiley has a suite of editing services for you so that you can rest assure that your manuscript is ready for submission.

  1. English Language Editing
  2. Translation Service
  3. Manuscript Formatting
  4. Figure Preparation

Learn more here.

4. Find a suitable journal to submit to

Having a well written manuscript is important; so as finding a suitable journal to submit to is. If you’re considering which Wiley journal you should submit your research to, here’s a handy tool for you to browse journals alphabetically, by keyword or by subject.

To top that off, learn more about choosing the right journal with 6 great advice that could possibly solve some of the dilemmas you have.

5. Learn about Open Access

CC BY, CC BY NC, CC BY NC ND; seen these terms somewhere but you’re not too sure what they mean? Learn more about the different types of copyright licenses when you publish in a Wiley Open Access journal.

Here’s a short video on what Open Access is about.

6. Wiley Author Promotional Toolkit

Maximise the outreach of your published research with 7 great tools that would help you promote your work better. Check out best practices and guides on topics ranging from Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Conferences, to Multimedia and more here.

Otherwise, you can download a printable flyer that tells you all you need to know about these tools at a glance.

7. FAQs on Altmetrics

Since 2012, Altmetric has been collecting mentions of research across a range of non-traditional sources. Being relatively new, we’ve consolidated a page of commonly asked questions (with answers), such as:

How does Altmetric scores get calculated?

What is an “Altmetric Badge” and how can I feature it on my own webpage?

Do you have any questions that might have been asked? Check them out here.

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