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14 October 2015 is Stem Cell Awareness Day

Stem cell research is a highly ethically and morally controversial tostem cellspic even till today despite the many years that have passed since its first introduction in 1998.

Firstly, what are stem cells? Simply speaking, they are a type of cells with the potential to differentiate into specialized cells. This is one of the promising fields of science of our time because this potential can take us across new frontiers in medical science as we explore the possibility of tissue regeneration.

Why is this negatively viewed then? This ethical conundrum mostly arose from the commonly known source of stem cells – embryonic stem cells. The destruction of an embryo for the harvesting of these stem cells is viewed to be equivalent to that of abortion, and hence the equivalent conundrum of the destruction of life.

While this debate cannot be entirely resolved, public opinion on the topic has certainly evolved over time. Join us in the celebration of Stem Cell Awareness Day on 14th October 2015 in promoting the advances and benefits of stem cell research. Read more about this highly debated topic and learn of the advances in this cutting-edge field of research that aims at clinical translation of stem cell therapy in our STEM CELLS Virtual Issue. Articles are free to browse till 30 Nov.

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