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Is Effective Scientific Communication Essential?

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For July, we address the necessity for scientists to be communicators of science.

The pressure to publish is a major concern all scientists, be it in the academia or industry, face. Scientific highlights need to be portrayed successfully in an attractive yet accessible manner, to garner the attention of experts and laymen in the universities, corporates, the press and the public.

Technological improvements have increased the availability of channels (e.g. social media platforms) and ease of sharing information with fellow scientists in the respective communities. With this convenience comes a flood of information. To rise above this tsunami of articles and data, one needs to write effectively to distinguish one’s work.

Effective scientific communication is becoming a core skill necessary for in the career paths of all scientists. Time and effort are essential in developing this skill. Begin by cultivating the awareness of how you want your science to be portrayed and discerning good communication from the bad.

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