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Keynote Lecture by the Winner of the Fourth Polymer International – IUPAC Award 2013

William DichtelCongratulations to William Dichtel – Winner of the Fourth Polymer International – IUPAC Award 2013 for Creativity in Applied Polymer Science or Polymer Technology.

Over the years, William Dichtel’s research has led to significant breakthroughs in the area of polymer technology. Examples of his work include:

• Utilizing the tools of synthetic and supramolecular chemistry to provide unprecedented control of the structure and properties of organic materials and interfaces
• Pioneering a new approach to organize complementary organic semiconductors into networks ideal for optoelectronic performance
• Major contributions to the transformations of conjugated polymers into specific carbon nanostructures (such as grapheme nanoribbons) which exhibits a useful bandgap
• Contributed a general method to interface biopolymers to grapheme noncovalently which prevents protein and antibody denaturation and preserves graphene’s disrable electronic propertiese

Dichtel will present the award keynote lecture titled ‘Polymer Synthesis Across Multiple Dimensions’ at the upcoming IUPAC World Polymer Congress – MACRO 2014, 6th -11th July 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you want to learn more about William Dichtel and previous winners of IUPAC award, read this piece from Polymer International.

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