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eLearning: The Way Forward in Continuing Medical Education?

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eLearning has made space for greater flexibility in education, attuning to the needs of individual learners – from schedules to learning speeds.  With online learning making headway across all fields of knowledge, what is the potential of eLearning for healthcare professionals (HCPs)?

In Singapore, self-study and accredited distance learning programs with verifiable self-assessment can, respectively, account for 10 and 36 out of the 50 points needed over a 2-year practicing certificate for doctors.

More than greater flexibility in learning

Given the potential of eLearning to impact clinical practice and patient care in Asia, successful engagement and enrollment of HCPs in eLearning programs will require the credibility of the source material and accredited content.

In a study published in the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, credibility  – established through affiliation with trusted organizations and accreditation, emerged as the dominant theme influencing a physician’s participation in online CME programs.

Now, healthcare practitioners are re-experiencing a new way of learning with Wiley’s quality content through ACCME-accredited eLearning programs that are freely available on Wiley Health Learning.

Wiley Health Learning

The same study identified content and control (ease of navigation to get to relevant content) as the other two themes that influenced a physician’s participation in eLearning.  Wiley Health Learning offers exactly this.

Get started on eLearning programs on Wiley Health Learning:

  •  ACCME accredited
  • Trusted content from Wiley is used in our eLearning program
  • Designed around medical specialties and relevant content for clinicians in Asia
  • Self-paced learning: start, save, and complete activities anytime you’re online, and digitally store completed activities to retrieve your certificates whenever you need them

List of eLearning programs designed for HCPs in Asia

Get certified on our recently launched programs designed to help healthcare practitioners in Asia improve clinical practice:

Guidelines for management of androgenetic alopecia based on BASP classification–the Asian consensus committee guideline

Designed for dermatologists in Asia, the program will help dermatologists manage and select the appropriate treatments for androgenetic alopecia patients and to educate their patients.

Obesity: Impact on Obstetric Practice and Outcome

The first module of a year-long eLearning program with the aim of helping gynaecologists and physicians in India better understand the risks of pregnancy complications faced by their patients.

Register and begin browsing our full range of programs on Wiley Health Learning!  Find out more about creating your eLearning program on Wiley Health Learning!

Check this page for updates on new learning activities on Wiley Health Learning! What is the ideal learning experience for you? Let us know!

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