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Discover Nursing: The Latest Multidisciplinary Content for Nurses & Midwives

In this latest Discover Nursing newsletter, we’re highlighting additional resources – books, journal articles, reference works, and more — for nurses, healthcare professionals, researchers and students to help with their research.

Journal Highlights

Nursing Inquiry celebrating 20 years of publishing. Read the ‘Ideas with Impact’ special issue for freeDepression and Cardiovascular Illness – the latest virtual issue from Journal of Clinical Nursing

Cardiovascular disease is one of the fastest growing health problems worldwide. Rates of Stroke, Myocardial Infarction and Heart failure are increasing – as are the numbers of people living with the long term consequences of these illnesses. This creates a number of challenges for nurses, one of which is the associated psychological effect of the physical disease. The management of depression in patients with cardiovascular illness is a key issue with this client group. The papers in this virtual edition represent important work exploring this aspect of nursing care and provide wide ranging and useful suggestions for the management of depression in both short and long term care settings.

New in the Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing: Free Podcast Series.

Listen to these new podcasts to supplement the latest issue of JSPN.

Vaccinate Boys with the HPV Vaccine? Really?

Residual Newborn Screening Samples for Research: Parental Information Decision Needs

European Journal of Cancer Care are appointing a new Editor

The current Editor-in-Chief, Stephen O’Connor, is stepping down from his position, and we are therefore looking to appoint either a Strategic Editor-in-Chief or an Editor-in-Chief to lead a team of Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members for this highly successful journal focused on cancer care.

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