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Virtual Issue: Stroke and Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy International

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability and is arguably the most common diagnosis of those treated by occupational therapists worldwide. Interventions used by occupational therapists for this population have been documented in the literature for nearly a century; however, the long term efficacy of any given approach has historically been met with marginal success.

This trend, though, has been challenged with novel and contemporary thinking. The papers selected for this issue reflect a sampling of these innovative methods showing real hope for more successful outcomes associated occupational therapy intervention.  Reflected in these papers are a variety of both quantitative and qualitative designs from papers representing multiple continents from around the world.

While the studies included in this virtual issue are exemplary, Occupational Therapy International has a rich history of offering scholarly examples occupational therapy treatment intervention for patients with stroke since its inception.

Read the Virtual Issue: Stroke and Occupational Therapy from Occupational Therapy International journal today.

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