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The Latest from Security and Communication Networks

Security and Communication NetworksSecurity and Communication Networks (Impact Factor: 0.414 | ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2011: 112/135 (Computer Science Information Systems)) is an international journal publishing original research and review papers on security and cryptographic mechanisms applied to all types of information and communication networks, including wired, wireless and optical transmission platforms.

So what’s new from Security and Communication Networks?

Special Issues

Next generation communication and network security

Defending against insider threats and internal data leakage

Focus on Security and privacy in emerging information technologies

Special Issue on Security challenges in emerging and next-generation wireless communication networks

View top papers from 2012

Evaluation of anomaly‐based IDS for mobile devices using machine learning classifiers

An efficient distributed key management scheme for group‐signature based anonymous authentication in VANET

The most recent SSL security attacks: origins, implementation, evaluation, and suggested countermeasures

LPA: a new location‐based privacy‐preserving authentication protocol in VANET

Recent Top Cited Papers

Dependability evaluation of integrated circuits at design time against laser fault injection

Protocol for ownership transfer across authorities: with the ability to assign transfer target

Toward attack-resistant localization under infrastructure attacks

A secure mutual authentication scheme for session initiation protocol using elliptic curve cryptography

OnlineOpen* Article

Secure multicast key protocol for electronic mail systems with providing perfect forward secrecy

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