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Culture and Brain: Opportunities for and Challenges to Asian Social Psychology

Asian Journal of Social Psychology Guest edited by Sik Hung Ng (伍錫洪) and Shihui Han (韩世辉)

Social neuroscience has quickly become an active research area since Cacioppo’s seminal 2002 paper advocating cross-fertilization between social and neuro-science. Alongside this development, a rapidly increasing literature has turned its attention to culture and the brain. This special forum contains a mix of integrative review and original empirical papers, which capture the excitement of this emergent field. Read these cutting-edge research:

Culture and the brain: Opportunities and obstacles
Haotian Zhou & John Cacioppo

Cultural neuroscience
Daniel L. Ames & Susan T. Fiske

Dynamic bicultural brains: fMRI study of their flexible neural representation of self and significant others in response to culture primes
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Envisioning the Future of Cultural Neuroscience
Shinobu Kitayama and Steve Tompson

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